Our Client Relations Approach

April 15, 2021

Client relations is mentioned on the website a few times because it’s an important aspect of how I do business.  For one, we live in a consumer based society where the customer is always right and if you don’t make your customer a priority then you’ll be out of business soon.  

Secondly, my clients are very important to me.  They put their trust in me to design and build what they need and I want to repay that trust by giving them a professionally built, well thought out design that’s beautiful and functional.  I’ve always said, “Any cabinet/furniture maker can make it pretty, the hard part is making the piece work for the client.”

Thirdly, I work closely with my clients to design their project and usually I make a new friend in the process.  I’ve had the pleasure of working for some of the most delightful people and have known some of them for over 2 decades.

And last, but not least, client relations is important to me and my company because a happy client is my best and only sales force.  Word of mouth has been the main way I’ve stayed in business for 20 years.  I usually tell my clients that I’m not looking for a referral, I’m striving for a testimonial.  A referral is someone saying, “Here’s the number of the cabinet maker I used, he’s pretty good.”  A testimonial is someone saying, “This guy is great, you’d be crazy to go anywhere else!”  That’s why I work so hard to please all my clients.

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