Our Bathroom Cabinetry Remodeling Services: Part 1

Bathroom remodeling isn’t as tricky as kitchen remodeling.  Depending on the size of your master bath I can get creative on how your bathroom remodel functions for you.  If your bathroom is on the small size, then I really have to get creative to get some functionality and storage out of it.

For example, the pictures above show how I’ve maximized the storage capacity of a 36 inch vanity cabinet.  Normally the top drawer front is merely decorative because the sink is in the way of anything else.  But because I had the dimensions of the sink, I was able to build small drawers on either side for the small items that we all have in our bathrooms.  Also, knowing that the plumbing was centered in the space, I was able to make the second drawers around the drain.  The last space had nothing in the way so I was able add a full drawer there which adds a ton of storage.  This kind of design only happens if I’m able to communicate well with the other tradesmen on the project.

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