Bathroom Remodeling & Cabinetry: Part 2

One of the biggest challenges in bathroom remodeling is storage. When remodeling a small tract home bathroom, space can be at a premium, so it’s necessary to get creative and innovative in order to give the client the storage they need.

The cabinet above is one such idea. I was able to make sure that the plumbing was centered in the space and I acquired the specs for the sink so that I could make all three drawers functional. Of course, to access the plumbing the drawers need to be removed. But that’s easy enough because there is a release button on the slide mechanism.

Esthetically, the design directive was to make the vanity look like an antique dresser converted into a vanity cabinet. This has been a fad in my area for quite some time. But instead of buying an antique, we were hired to custom build their cabinetry because the client wanted a specific wood, stain and style. In addition, we added open shelving above the toilet giving them even more storage.

Same wood and stain as the vanity but with craftsman style brackets that match the finish on the drawer pulls and add an extra design element. The bathroom is only 6 ft. x 10 ft. giving them no other room for cabinetry. So we made due with the space available. As it turns out, the client was very pleased with the look and the functionality of their cabinetry and were surprised at how much they could store in the vanity.

This is what we at Heritage Home strive to accomplish. Great design esthetic married to specific functionality. Form and function “can” exist in the same space, you just have to look hard enough and spend a little extra time to find it.

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